Other Loans

Hawk’s wealth is a product of over 40 years of lending and investment activity.  Hawk Lending has an equitable appetite for risk.  Risk and return is considered impartially, therefore widening their lending activity to consider less conventional opportunities.  Hawk lends to quality individuals, developing trusted relationships with its borrowers.  All forms of lending options are considered. 


Straight debt – Hawk lends money with no special features beyond the repayment of the capital and interest but uniquely offers capital repayment breaks to reduce overall cost of capital to individuals and corporations alike.


Equity – Hawk invests money in corporations as a classic equity investor, taking part in the benefits and risks alongside all other shareholders of their class.  Hawk are multi-stage investors who consider participation at all stages, from Seed Investment to Pre-Public Investment.



Debt-Equity – Hawk lends money as a hybrid of debt and equity.  Also known as Mezzanine Finance, Hawk lends money as debt with the option of converting that debt into an equity interest on demand.  This can provide significant advantages to a company who are seeking significant investment by Venture Capital. 


Stretched Debt – Hawk lends money, combining senior debt with junior debt to provide a higher percentage of finance than Senior Debt can and offering great convenience to the borrower and saving the need for sometimes complex and costly inter-creditor agreements.