About Us

Hawk Family Office is an UHNW office with over 40 years lending and investment experience. Hawk Family incorporated Hawk Lending Group in 2017 to rationalise the family’s lending activity in the Channel Islands and United Kingdom.  

Hawk Lending Limited (Hawk) provides a discreet service to sophisticated borrowers who are experienced in realising returns on property and investment opportunities.  Hawk provides debt, equity, debt-equity and senior-stretched debt facilities.

Hawk is registered with the JFSC for the specified business of lending. With its own in house credit, legal and financial teams, Hawk Lending has everything needed to provide bespoke facilities, fully secured, in a matter of days.

Hawk also holds a significant interest in land and property development company Merritt Properties (40Mnav) and land and property development company Stackbourne (30Mnav). Drawing expertise and greater security from their wider group of companies, Hawk also benefits from an interest in eco construction firm Lifebuild as well as Hawk Kitchens and Bathrooms.


R.W Morton, Founder

"I firmly believe that borrowing money is an art. Choosing the right funding partner from the outset is essential to painting the perfect credit picture and achieving your financial goals. With the right support and guidance, success is within reach. But choose your partner poorly, and you could find yourself in a precarious position, feeling like the desperate man. At Hawk, we bring over four decades of lending and investment experience to the table, offering sophisticated solutions that are tailored to our clients' unique needs and goals."


K. Cavill, Founder

"We understand that successful lending and investing require a delicate balance of quantitative and qualitative data, as well as intuition and ethics. Our team of experts brings a unique blend of financial expertise, analytical rigor, and gut instinct to every transaction. We understand the importance of taking a holistic approach, one that considers not only the numbers but also the underlying values and ethics of our clients and partners. With this approach, we strive to create long-lasting relationships built on trust, mutual respect, and shared success."